October 09, 2016

Dear Manager / Supervisor / Human Resources Officer

I hold a position of sales associate (electrical Department) here at Home Depot (Store #6856). I have been working for Home Depot since March 2015. Because of the result of what can only be identified as a hostile work environment, I must resign my employment with Home Depot as of October 10, 2016. You can consider this letter a formal complaint for discrimination and harassment. I have been subjected to age discrimination and harassment over the past year. You can also consider this letter as my formal request that you investigate my allegations and take appropriate action to stop this inappropriate activity and or behavior. I do not want any future employee here at Home Depot to suffer at the hands of the type of supervisor who engages in harassment to good employees here at this or any other Home Depot store. The harasser is Arianne Perez (DH for the Paint Dept. for now). The following are the events that I believe constitute harassment and discrimination:

Ms. Perez approached me during one work day in 2015 and patted me repeatedly against my behind (buttocks). It was done in such a way that the security cameras could not pick it up. I thought this was some kind of accidental contact until it happened on a second occasion. This was unwanted and incongruous behavior on the part of my immediate supervisor. When I failed to engage in any sort of relationship with my immediate supervisor her behavior toward me changed drastically.

As soon as I failed to receive her sexual advances toward me I became the subject of her scorn and the subject of age discrimination. On several occasions Ms. Perez accused me of working too slow and I needed to either pick up the pace or go back to the retirement home. I tried to explain that even though I was given this assignment, I also had a responsibility to attend to the needs of the customers. Ms. Perez was my immediate supervisor and she would often give me very specific and very involved assignments right in the middle of Power Hour, knowing that I would not be able to complete the assignment due to the needs of our customers. If I failed to complete any given assignment, I was always met with a comment that targeted my age as the reason that the assignment was not completed.
Just recently, I was approached by one of my fellow sales associates here at Home Depot. She told me that my former supervisor, Ms. Perez, had been talking to my current supervisor Mr. Kevin Palma. She said that my previous supervisor was asking my current supervisor to continue to give me a hard time by giving me excessive work and unattainable assignments. While I do not feel as though my current supervisor is harassing me, I do believe that it is inappropriate at best for my previous supervisor to continue on her course of harassment toward me. My current supervisor is a gem to work for.

Ms. Perez told me that Home Depot needs young employees and that I am too old and too slow for this job and I should seriously consider retiring because I am too old and could never preform at the level needed by Home Depot. This is a complete disappointment for me because I really enjoyed my employment here at Home Depot before this course of harassment and discrimination began. I enjoyed the interaction with our customers and my fellow employees. I also enjoyed the ability to help our customers find the correct part or merchandise they needed. This harassment has forced me to now tell you that I must resign my position with Home Depot.

If you are thinking that I never reported my situation with my Supervisor then you need to go back in time and in 2015, the store manager (Andrew). Andrew held a mandatory meeting with ASM Carlos, Ms. Perez and myself in conference style meeting in the manager’s office. During this meeting, Ms. Perez admitted that she treated me differently than my co-workers because of my age. Mr. Perez also admitted that she did not think I could handle the job because of my advanced age. After the conference things were better but then it got worse really quick. Andrew stated that there would be no retaliation but that did not deter her from seeking her revenge. At this point to get away from her contemptable wrath I asked to have my working hours reduced to 20 hours a week. This reduced the potential of my hours of availability for her to seek revenge but this did not work. Because this harassment and discrimination continues to plague my existence, I have no choice but to tender my resignation to Home Depot. I have suffered from stress and additional health concerns that have caused me to call in sick and not be available for work. As much as I really enjoy working, based on the harassment and discrimination I find it necessary to tender my resignation from Home Depot effective October 10, 2016.

All I ask is that you look into the improper and potentially illegal behavior of my previous supervisor Ms. Arianne Perez.

Thank you for looking into this matter:
Gary A Green



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